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The latest updates and happenings with MRCI CDS as well as the results of our most recent Client Satisfaction Survey, and our past newsletters. 

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Minnesota Legislative Updates

Check out our Blog for updates on Minnesota Legislation for the 2021 Session.

2020 MRCI CDS Satisfaction Survey Results

Thank you to everyone that took our 2020 MRCI CDS Satisfaction Survey. We are honored to present the results. We look forward to another year of providing the best possible service to our clients and families.

You can check out the results further down on this page!

2020 Tax Information

As we approach tax time, we remind you that MRCI does not give out tax advice and recommends consulting a tax professional with questions you may have around your personal taxes.

The paper copies of W2s for 2020 were mailed out in January, and you can also access your W2s online through ADP Self-Service.

245D Training Pay Rate Change

In January 2021 the 245D training pay rate will be changing to a single consistent rate for all workers.

A communication was sent to workers regarding the training rate. Please connect with your workers to ensure they received the communication and returned the required paperwork.

Temporary 8.4% Increase

As you may have heard, an emergency 8.4% rate increase for PCA, Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) and Consumer Support Grant (CSG) was signed by Governor Walz. These interim provisions will last for 9 weeks, effective December 1, 2020 through February 7, 2021.

Additional information has been sent regarding the distribution of the 8.4% increase. Contact your Program Specialist with questions.

Burnsville Location Open

MRCI CDS has opened an additional location at 3000 Country Rd 42 West Suite 101 Burnsville, MN.

We look forward to serving our current and future families from this convenient location right off Eagan Dr and County Road 42.

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