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Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS)

About this Program

Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) is a participant-directed service under the Home and Community Based Waiver program that allows individuals an opportunity to live independently.


This program is designed to give individuals the most flexibility and responsibility for directing their services and supports, including hiring and managing direct care staff and access to other supports such as technology, home and vehicle modifications, or equipment.


MRCI is proud to have been awarded the contract from MN DHS to provide Financial Management Services for CDCS participants statewide.  Anyone using CDCS must have a Financial Management Services Provider, like MRCI.

CDCS participant on his computer with his PCA or DSP
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You are the Employer

In CDCS, the participant is the employer, which allows you to select, hire, train and manage your own staff.  

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Hire Family and Friends

You can hire the people you know, and who know you to provide your services. Including parents of minors and spouses.

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Control your own care

This program is designed to give you the most flexibility in directing your services and supports. 

How to sign up for CDCS

# 1

Contact your Lead Agency or County

Determine program eligibility by Finalizing Medical Assistance (MA) Application, and completing necessary assessments.

# 2

Develop CDCS Community Support plan with (Optional) Support Planner

A CDCS Community Support Plan details how your funds will be spent to meet your assessed needs throughout the year including staffing, goods and services, and environmental modifications. 

# 3

Select MRCI CDS as your Financial Management Service (FMS)

Inform your Case Manager you've chosen MRCI CDS as your FMS Provider.

# 4

Contact us to schedule your personalized intake meeting

We'll meet with you one-on-one, in the format of your choosing to complete the enrollment process. 

# 5

Starting your services

Hire your workers, pay your good and services providers, and monitor your budget all with MRCI CDS expert assistance.

Program Forms

Timesheet - Payroll Model (FEA)

Timesheet (Electronic) – Payroll Model (FEA)

Timesheet- Paid Time Off

Timesheet -Travel Time

Homemaker Timesheet

Cell Phone/Internet Reimbursement Form

Claim Form for Payments and Reimbursements

Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit Form

Mileage Reimbursement

Credit Card Order Form

PTO Opt-Out Form

Floating Holiday Request Form

Employment Resources

Employee Packet - Payroll Model (FEA)

Employee Disclosures & Supplement- (FEA)

Wage Consent Form - Payroll Model (FEA)

Federal Labor Law Poster

Minnesota Labor Law Poster

Payroll Calendar

Status Change Form

W4 Form (Federal)

W4 Form (Minnesota)

Workers Compensation Information

Youth Labor Laws

Additional Resources

ADP Self-Service Login

Electronic Pay Statement Opt Out

Consent to Release Employment Information

Client Information on Payments and Reimbursements

Vendor Packet

Direct Deposit Instructions

Employee Performance Review

Employee Exiting Form

Health Insurance

Incident-Accident Report

Independent Contractor Billing Form

Prefer to complete documents online?

Many of these forms are conveniently available to complete online using SignNow. See the available forms. 

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