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Who we are

MRCI Client Directed Services (CDS), a division of MRCI, is a leading provider of Financial Management Services (FMS) for the State of Minnesota. Since 1998, MRCI-CDS has worked with families throughout the state to provide self-directed services to individuals and families who choose to self-direct their own services. MRCI-CDS offers 10 different programs under five different waivers.

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Who we serve

At MRCI-CDS we serve Minnesotans of all cultures, disabilities, and age groups that choose to self-direct their care.  We have Program Staff ready to assist you in English, Spanish, Somali, and Arabic. Our clients and families choose to self-direct for several different reasons and many of their situations are unique. MRCI-CDS staff are ready to address your individual situation and help you overcome any of your unique challenges with self-direction.

Many people choose to self-direct because they:

  • Want to hire people they trust – family, friends, and neighbors.

  • Want to get help to meet their needs, on their schedule.

  • Want more control over the services they get and who provides that service.

  • Want to avoid group homes/assisted living/nursing homes.

  • Are not getting the type of services they want, or the goods they need.

  • Want to hire people who speak their language, understand their culture, and cook their native foods.

  • Live in a rural area and cannot find service needed near them.

Our Mission

Creating innovative and genuine opportunities for people with disabilities or disadvantages at home, at work and in the community.

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Did you Know?

MRCI CDS payables staff  process on average 320 claims every week.

MRCI CDS employs around 4,600 staff.

MRCI CDS works with 1,757 vendors.

MRCI CDS payroll processes 122,000 hours of direct care service per pay period.

You've seen our story, and we want to hear yours! 

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