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What is CFSS?

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Community First Services and Supports (CFSS) is a Minnesota program that will replace Personal Care Assistance (PCA) and the Consumer Support Grant (CSG). We will provide an overview of CFSS, the similarities and differences of CFSS to PCA, how CFSS will impact people currently using CSG, and resources to help you learn more about CFSS.


CFSS is meant to expand people’s choices and control over their care, including the purchasing of goods to aid a person’s independence. CFSS will become available once DHS has completed updating their system to support CFSS and has obtained federal approval for the program. There has not been a date set for the implementation of CFSS. We will provide updates on the implementation timeline as they become available.

What is not changing for PCA?

The eligibility requirements under CFSS are the same as they were for PCA. CFSS will also cover the same main services including activities of daily living (ADL), instrumental activities of daily living (IADL), health-related tasks, and observation and redirection of behavior.

What is changing for PCA?

Under CFSS, people previously using PCA will have more options and supports. In CFSS, a participant’s spouse or the parent of a minor can serve as the participant’s support worker, and participants may purchase goods that aid in their independence.

Also changing under CFSS is the delivery model for PCA. CFSS will have two delivery models, the agency model and the budget model. An additional provider called the Consultation Services provider is being added to assist people with education on CFSS and writing their Service Delivery Plans. Under both models, the participant, or their representative, directs their care, writes their Service Delivery Plan with assistance from the Consultation Services provider, and purchases goods, if desired.

In the agency model, the participant selects an agency that servers as the employer of the participant’s workers. The agency will then recruit hire, train, supervise, and pay the CFSS Support Workers. Agency model participants will select a Financial Management Service (FMS) to facilitate the purchase of goods, if needed.

In the budget model, CFSS participants are the employers of their own support workers. Participants, or their representatives, are responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and supervising their support workers. The participant will choose an FMS provider to assist with compliance with applicable laws. The FMS will assist with budget management and purchasing/payment of goods and services.

What about CSG?

CSG will also be transitioning to CFSS. In the budget model of CFSS, people who currently use CSG will have a budget to spend on goods and services that are covered by CFSS. Previous CSG users will also be able to use the agency model if they choose. Because Minnesota does not get federal funding for CSG, a participant’s CSG budget is equivalent to half of the PCA units for which the participant is assessed to be eligible. In CFSS, a previous recipient of CSG will have access to dollars or units roughly equivalent to twice his or her CSG budget.

How can I learn more about CFSS?

Minnesota DHS has put together an interactive video that helps explain CFSS. You can also visit their FAQ page for additional information about CFSS.

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