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What is Respite?

MRCI offers many services that allow individuals with disabilities to stay at home and still be as independent as possible. One of these services is Respite. Respite allows primary caregivers to have a break while their loved one is cared for by respite staff of their choice.

Respite can be provided in the individual’s home, in the community, or out of home at the caregiver’s house. Respite can be provided to adults and children. There are two respite options with MRCI. Respite In-Home, which allows that staff to come into the individuals’ home to provide the respite services. Respite Out of Home would allow the individual to go to the staff’s house to receive the respite service.


Respite has the potential to cover overnight hours when the individual sleeps. There are rules to follow when billing overnight hours:

Sleeping time—how to record it according to Labor Law:

  1. If the respite provider is working for less than 24 hours, and their work time includes sleeping, he/she must be paid for all hours of work including sleep time.

  2. If the respite provider is working for 24 hours or more, GENERALLY* he/she is not paid for the 8 hours of 10pm to 6am (this is the standard typically used for sleep time).

  3. However, if the respite provider is not able to get 5 continuous hours of sleep because of assistance needed by the individual, the respite provider must be paid for all of the hours through the night.


To receive Respite, the individual must qualify for one of the following waivers through the county: Brian Injury (BI), Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI), Community Alternative Care (CAC), or Developmental Disabilities (DD).

“I am going through MRCI for my 245D services (Homemaking, Respite and In Home Services w/o training). MRCI has helped by being informed and able to answer our questions to our satisfaction. Good employee training. MRCI maximizes my staff’s earning potential which helps me to retain my great staff because they feel appreciated and MRCI does assist clients (me) when needing to hire staff with job posting options. All of this helps when advertising for help because I share the benefits of my Agency representation and how it can empower my support staff. I feel you and all the staff I've interacted with care and are very responsive and timely which I appreciate more than I can say enough about. I know many agencies are facing staffing issues too. You all are doing a fantastic and professional job.”

-Holly, Individual receiving MRCI Respite Services

Respite is a great option when primary care givers are looking for relief. MRCI takes referrals through our website, via email, and over the phone. If you would like to see if your loved one qualifies for respite, connect with your county case manager, and let them know you would like more information on Respite. MRCI serves over 300 families in our 245D program and we would love to help you!

“I LOVE getting a human voice when I call with questions, rare today. If I don't connect, I get a timely response (which is lovely). Staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful to my needs. Wages for my staff are fantastic too. I feel they (MRCI) are very transparent in operations; all of my encounters are met with optimistic staff and I get answers when I need them.”

-Holly, Individual receiving MRCI Respite Services


Written by Kinzie Matthies


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