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Searching for Direct Care Staff?

Are you looking for staff? The Human Resources Team at MRCI Client Directed Services (CDS) provides information on job posting and tips to help you find your next great Direct Care Staff

MRCI-CDS Job Posting Service

As a client of MRCI-CDS, you are given FREE access to our job posting service to assist you in your search for new staff. This service allows your job posting to be conveniently listed across multiple online job boards giving it the best chance to be viewed by qualified candidates.

We tailor the posting to your individual needs and post the role to the careers page on our website as well as a wide variety of the top job boards including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, and more. We also list postings on local campus job boards, which are an excellent place to find staff! The job postings last 30 days and can be extended or reposted as needed until you find the candidate you are looking for. During the time the job is posted, we handle the posting and modifications per your request. Then you or your designated representative will manage the candidates that apply, set up interviews, and decide if the employee is the right fit.

How to sign up:

The job posting process begins with the completion of a Job Posting Agreement. The agreement will walk you through the items required for the posting. It can be filled out electronically using our convenient SignNow option or you can send an email to to request a copy of the form be emailed or mailed directly to you.

After the agreement has been completed, a member of our Human Resource Team will set up your job posting on our platform called Applicant

Pool. Once all the job posting details have been entered, an email requesting verification will be sent to you or your representative. After your email is verified, you will be able to see your job post and any candidates that have applied. Anything the candidates submit along with their application will also be sent to you for review. From there, you can select the candidates you would like to interview. Once you have found the ideal candidate, we can begin the employee onboarding process with you, and your employee can start working after it is completed.

Other methods of finding employees.

While our job posting service is an effective solution to find staff, it is not the only one. There are additional ways to find the staff that you are looking for. These methods can be combined with our job posting service to increase your chances of finding the perfect candidate.

  • Social Media: Sites like Facebook and Instagram can be great tools for you to utilizing in a job search, especially when looking for direct care staff as many self-directed programs allow you to hire friends and family members as care providers. Posting a message on your social media, or in Facebook groups can be an effective way to recruit.

  • Word-of-Mouth: Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. Simply letting your friends, relatives, or other connections know that you are looking to hire new staff can generate potential candidates.

  • Bulletin Boards: Prior to job posting sites, there were bulletin boards. Many community organizations still allow for the posting of physical flyers and notices on their bulletin boards. If you’ve noticed such a board at your place of worship or community center, asking to put your job posting on their bulletin board is another great way to get more people to see it.

  • Other third-party sites: Our job posting service covers several of the most popular job boards, but we are not able to post on all of them. Putting your job post on additional sites can increase your chances of finding the right candidate. For example, is a site that specialized in finding care providers of different types.

Finding the right direct care staff can be a challenge, and we are here to help you. With our job posting service, and ideas to supplement your search, you’ll be well on your way to finding candidates to fill your open positions.


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