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Elkins Family Story

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

The Elkins Family Counts on MRCI Client Directed Services

Smiling MRCI Client Directed Services client in her backyard

As Laura Elkins watches her two daughters, ages 8 and 4, play in her backyard she doesn’t take it for granted. A few years ago, just letting them outside to play wasn’t really an option. Her oldest daughter, Brynn, is what Laura describes as a “bolter”…she just takes off at every opportunity.

Brynn was diagnosed with Autism at 3 ½ years of age. MRCI CDS helped Laura, and her husband Dustin, navigate through the state system to secure financing through CDCS to make improvements to their home. All designed to keep Brynn safe. When their daughter Sage was born with Down Syndrome, Laura knew she needed more help in the home.

“MRCI has been very helpful,” says Laura. “Both of my girls depend on caregivers for their basic needs such as getting dressed, eating, bathing and personal care…things most 8 year olds can do on their own. It takes the pressure off of me always having to be the caregiver 24/7.”

Laura says financially, the family could never have hired a caregiver on their own. Through MRCI, she enrolled in the PCA Choice plan, benefits that help her hire one staff person at a time to help care for both girls.

“We are able to find who we want and who we think will fit in best with our family,” explains Laura. “For example, we utilize MSU for almost everyone we hire! Nursing students, special education students, even speech and language majors work great. We look at what hours we’ll need them each week and find people we are comfortable with to come fill the shifts.”

Laura and Dustin are also thankful for the support MRCI offers in other ways.

“It’s been so helpful to have them there and the knowledge they have is unbelievable. There have been times I find it hard to navigate all the different options. When that happens, I will sit down with my CDS rep and they will guide and steer me when I am hitting a wall. The help me navigate and try different avenues.”

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