Electronic Timesheet Information

New! Electronic Timesheets are now available for all CDCS Payroll Model (FEA) families. Contact your MRCI Program Specialist at 800-829-7110 to take advantage of this time-saving benefit.






Release Forms


**As a Representative who is also a paid staff, the Electronic Timesheet System requires 2 separate email addresses; (1) for a staff and (1) for the Representative. As a security measure, a Representative must verify timesheets with an email address not associated with a paid staff.


**Users of E-Timesheets must be enrolled in the Payroll Model CDCS program



• MRCI CDS staff is available to help

• Save time

• Easy and secure access online for client representative and employee

• Quick and reliable way to track hours

• Less paper forms and fewer typos

• Electronic storage of timesheets for accurate record keeping

• No additional cost



1. Contact MRCI for enrollment information

2. Client Representative and Employees sign a release form

3. Begin using E-Timesheets

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• Employee enters start/end time of each shift on E-Timesheet

• Client Representative reviews and approves biweekly

• MRCI CDS processes and submits for payment

• MRCI CDS staff are available to help

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