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Toll free phone number: 1-800-829-7110

For a Dial by Name Directory, Please press 1. You have the option of first or last name. To speak with the Operator, please press 0.


Jennifer S. Drganc Vice President of CDS, 507-386-5703,

Tony Engesser, Program Coordinator, 507-386-5606,

Mariah Jones, Human Resources Coordinator, 507-386-5687,

Julie Lux, Program Manager, 507-386-5745,


For All Customer Service Staff, Please Press 2, Option 2.


Customer Service Staff for CDCS, and Consumer Support Grant


Outstate Office - CDS Program Specialist

Joel A. Jacobs, 507-386-5714,

Kyle Rueter, 507-386-5713,


Metro Office - CDS Program Specialist

Emily Rajewsky, 952-649-6923,

Melanie Gorans, 952-649-6921,


Customer Service Staff for PCA Choice

Kacie Korsten, Program Specialist, 507-386-5747,

Kathy Beckius, Program Specialist, 507-386-5679,

Heidi Pugh, CDS Specialist, 507-386-5717,


Customer Service Service Staff for 245D: Personal Support, Respite, Homemaker and Host Home

LaDawn M. Albrecht, Licensing Coordinator, 507-386-5715,


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This information is available in other forms to individuals with disabilities or other languages by calling us locally at 507-386-5600 or toll free at 800-829-7110, TTY users can also call us through Minnesota Relay at 711 or (800) 627-3529

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Client Directed Services

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