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About Us

For 60 years, MRCI has been providing services to people with disabilities in Minnesota. In 1998, MRCI started Client Directed Services to assist families and individuals. The Fiscal Support Entity, Employer of Record and PCA Choice programs provide new and exciting options to families to meet their needs.


Why Choose MRCI WorkSource?

•  We have provided Consumer Directed Community Support (CDCS) since 1998.

•  We have been approved to function as a Fiscal Support Entity since 2004.

•  We have been providing PCA Choice services since 2002.


MRCI is committed to creating innovative and genuine opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantages so they may achieve meaningful participation in society.


We have an experienced, professional team to assist you.

•  We are accessible and responsive to your requests and needs.

•  We provide information to enable you to hire employees and submit payroll (employees are paid every two


•  Reimbursement checks and payments to vendors and providers are issued once a week.

•  We provide prompt feedback including a detailed expense report every month.

•  We are available to meet with you at your convenience to complete the planning process at the location of your choosing.


We provide responsible and ethical leadership.

•  We are approved by the Department of Human Services to function as a Fiscal Support Entity.

•  MRCI maintains programs that are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities and programs that are licensed by the State of Minnesota.


Jennifer S. Drganc • Vice President • 507-386-5703 • Email

Julie Lux • Program Manager • 507-386-5745 • Email

Tony Engesser • Program Coordinator • 507-386-5606 • Email

LaDawn M. Albrecht • Licensing Coordinator • 507-386-5715 • Email


This information is available in other forms to individuals with disabilities or other languages by calling us locally at 507-386-5600 or toll free at 800-829-7110, TTY users can also call us through Minnesota Relay at 711 or (800) 627-3529

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Client Directed Services

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